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JWECASC01   Advanced Silver Techniques
TSAMP1   Amazing Mould Putty - 300g
TFB003   Barrelling Soap
Bespoke   Bespoke Days
TSR002   Black Rubber Block - approx 50 x 50 x 50mm
JWBC01   Bronze and Copper
TFB002   Burnisher - Curved
TFB001   Burnisher - Straight
TFC001   Ceramic Fibre Blanket
TFC002   Ceramic Fibre Brick
TFC003   Ceramic Fibre Paper - pack of 4
JWCC01-0002   Certification Course Level 1 - 30/1-31/1/1 & 1/2/15
JWCC01   Certification Course Level 1 Diploma
JWCC03   Certification Course Level 2 Diploma
TSR001   Clear Acrylic Roller
JWCCC01   Colourful Clay Creations
JWFJ01   Fabric Jewellery
JWFSG01   Faux Stained Glass
JWFP01   Fingerprint Jewellery Workshop
TFT001   Gas Torch
JWGC01   Glass Clay Workshop
JWGF01   Glass Fusing
JWIMC01   Introduction to Metal Clay
SGLPKP   Keys and Leaves to the Secret Garden
SGSCKP   Keys to the Secret Garden
Kitkeyssg   Keys to the Secret Garden - Kit
SGSCLP   Leaves from the Secret Garden
Kitleavessg   Leaves from the Secret Garden - Kit
TFB004   Liver of Sulphur - small
JWECMM01   Magical Metal Clay Workshop
TPP002   Photopolymer Plates - A6 15.2mm
TPP001   Photopolymer Plates - A6 9.4mm
JWPT01   Playing with Textures
TFB005   Polishing pads - pack of 5
JWPCD01   Polymer Clay Day
JWPCN01   Polymer Clay Notebook Covers
TSB001   Pure Balm
JWRC01   Resin Clay
JWRC02   Resin Clay
JWRC03   Resin Clay
JWRR01   Resin Rings Workshop
JWRM01   Ring Making Workshop
SGSCP   Secret Garden Pendant
TSS004   Set of 3 Spacers - 1mm, 1.5mm & 2mm
JWSI01   Silver Imprints Jewellery Workshop
Sol001   Silver Solder Paste - Easy
JWPC02   Silver, Resin & Polymer Clay
JWMD02   Silver, Resin & Polymer Clay Mother's Day Special
JWSE   SilverEtch
TSS002   Spacers 1.5mm
TSS001   Spacers 1mm
TSS003   Spacers 2mm
TRS001   Sponge Sanding Pad - 180 grit
TRS002   Sponge Sanding Pad - 220 grit
TRS003   Sponge Sanding Pad - 280 grit
TRS004   Sponge Sanding Pads - Set of 3
TFS001   Stainless Steel Mesh
SSMeshgh   Stainless Steel Mesh for Gas Hob Firing
ST001SE   Studio Time - Evenings
JWECSS01   Stylish Silver Clay
JWTLR01   Taster - A Little Ring
JWTGF01   Taster - Glass Fusing
JWTE01   Taster - Hint of Enamelling
JWTIMC01   Taster - Intro to Metal Clay
JWTR01   Taster - Intro to Resin
JWTRC04   Taster - Introduction to Resin Clay
JWTPC01   Taster - Pandora Style Charms
JWTPMF01   Taster - Pick Me Flower pendant
JWTGK01   Taster - Splash of Gold-Keum Boo
SGO001   Taster Stained Glass Ornaments Copper Foiling
test1   Test Product
JWWC01   Woven Chains Workshop
JWWC01-0001   Woven Chains Workshop - 27/07/17 10am to 1pm

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